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Tina Kiel

The Kiel brothers (John and Jeff) started their career in the furniture installation industry working for a St. Louis furniture dealer. They knew they could provide better quality services and decided to start their own company in 1985, Precision Office Installers.  A year later the Kiel’s formed a union furniture installation company performing the same services by using union carpenters.  In 1987, Tina Kiel joined the Precision Team and brought with her technology knowledge to assist in operations, estimating, finances, customer service and team productivity.  A few years later an ERP system was implemented combining sales, project management, job costing, field time management, and more—all integrated with the financial systems. This permitted the company to make better, data-driven decisions, managing the team and maintaining profitability for client services and projects. 

Jeff Kiel

The Kiel family continues their hands-on management in operating the Precision Companies today.  Tina Kiel as the President/CEO and focusing on managing the overall operations, financial well-being, and resources of the company.  Jeff Kiel as VP of Operations working on training and installer/supervisor development.  John Kiel as VP of Sales and Marketing working directly with the Sales and Project Management Teams, training and leading. 

Jon Kiel

Supplying knowledgeable installers, superior customer service and the latest knowledge about the office environment and commercial furniture has fueled the growth of Precision.  Our commitment and dedication to our customers to do whatever it takes to get the job done has linked us with some of the best companies in St. Louis and across the country.  Our innovative installers, commitment to using the best technology and equipment available and being very sensitive to environmental issues make us a great partner for you and your company.  From initial quoting to project completion, you can rely on Precision to get the job done and get it done right!  Call us today.

Precision specializes in the installation of modular systems furniture, case goods, full height wall, and high density mobile file systems.

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