Because this was such a large project, taking place in three separate phases, it could have been a logistics nightmare. But because of your experience in installing large quantities of furniture at one time and because you took the necessary time to make sure all of the details were covered ahead of time, this project proceeded without incident.
Laura Warner
TAB Products Co.
On a project like ours there is always the expectation of delays and challenges, but because of Precision’s expertise they were kept to a minimum. The pre-installation assistance that you provided was also a key factor in making this project run very smooth.
Bonnie L. Deinge Marcone
Regional Parts Center
In the past several months while you have been working with First Financial Planners to accomplish this very difficult corporate relocation, your service has been extremely proficient. The Precision Team exhibited a willingness to accommodate our needs whether it meant your crew had to work late into the evening or rearrange furniture to fit individual needs. The crew that has worked on this project has been efficient, quiet, and competent which is important when those in the office must continue working while the reconfiguration takes place.
Kelly Bishop
General Services Manager
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