Office Space Planning

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Office space planning is a key factor that contributes to improved efficiency, productivity and quality assurance, as well as enhanced employee engagement and morale.

At Precision Office Furniture Installation, our experts work closely with your leadership teams to help you build and deploy an optimized, customized office space plan.

Commercial Space Planning Requirements

Our office space planning solution covers the four key requirements that are essential for a successful, robust plan: Workflow, Privacy, Comfort and Esthetics.

  • Workflow Requirements

Your office space plan should be primarily driven by the pragmatic, day-to-day workflow and collaboration needs of your employees. We help you identify these needs so that your office plan supports streamlined efficiency and productivity -- which, ultimately, is not just your chief concern: it’s your employees’ top priority as well, since it directly impacts their ability to perform, produce and succeed.

  • Privacy Requirements

Preserving confidentiality and privacy and preventing data loss and leaks is not just a network security or IT issue: it’s fundamentally an office space planning concern as well. We help you identify where it’s in your best interest to enhance privacy by (for example) installing higher cubicle walls, using translucent screens or sliding doors, or adding other elements that still promote team-wide collaboration and information sharing, but without compromising privacy or confidentiality obligations.

  • Comfort Requirements

Studies confirm that many employees spend more “waking time” in their office than they do at home. As such, comfort isn’t merely a nice-to-have aspect of your office plan: it’s essential for employee engagement, which means more retention and lower turnover. We help you create productive, yet comfortable work environments that are aligned to each employees’ tasks – whether that involves sitting for long periods of time, spending many hours on the phone, frequently moving from one desk, station or department to another, and so on.

  • Esthetics Requirements 

A workplace isn’t like a circuit board, where function is everything and esthetics considerations are not just irrelevant, but are counterproductive. Rather, a workplace is an environment that ideally supports high-performance teams, and fosters a high-energy culture that focuses on solutions, success and growth. We ensure that your office plan captures this crucial element, so that your employees are inspired to be their best -- every day.   

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