Office Furniture Touch-Up and Repair

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In today’s competitive business landscape, identifying ways to cut costs and maximize asset value isn’t optional: it’s essential.

Our touch-up and repair solution is the ideal way to preserve the functionality, esthetics and longevity of your furniture and equipment -- and ultimately help you business save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs over the long-term.

Key Advantages

Our touch-up and repair solution delivers a range of key customer-focused advantages, including:

  • Offsite or On-site Touch-up and Repair

Based on your requirements, our teams will either professionally remove your items and repair them offsite, or work on-site at your location at a time that minimizes or eliminates disruption or inconvenience to your employees. 

  • Guaranteed Workmanship 

We proudly stand behind all of our repair and touch-up work, and offer a comprehensive parts and labor guarantee. Plus if you have any questions about how to best preserve or maintain your repaired or touched-up furniture, we’re only a phone call away. 

  • Preventative Maintenance

As you know, problems are often much simpler to solve – and always less costly – when you catch them early. Our teams can inspect your furniture and equipment now and either give them a “clean bill of health,” or let you know if there’s anything that you can do today that could save you from dealing with major headaches – and repair or replacement bills – down the road.  

  • Improved Employee Engagement & Morale

In the ongoing “war for talent,” you’re always looking for high-impact ways to show your employees that you care about them, and that you’re supporting their ability to perform and produce. Repairing or touching-up workstations, chairs and other equipment is a clear way to demonstrate your care, and ultimately help improve employee engagement and morale.

  • Fully Insured

All of our team members are carefully trained and our work is fully insured in the very rare event that an accident or some other event causes damage or delays.

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In the past several months while you have been working with First Financial Planners to accomplish this very difficult corporate relocation, your service has been extremely proficient. The Precision Team exhibited a willingness to accommodate our needs whether it meant your crew had to work late into the evening or rearrange furniture to fit individual needs. The crew that has worked on this project has been efficient, quiet, and competent which is important when those in the office must continue working while the reconfiguration takes place.
Kelly Bishop
General Services Manager

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