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Due to changing staffing levels or strategic direction, you may want to add more furniture to your environment, such as workstations, casegoods, seating, storage cabinets and more. However, sourcing these items on your own can be very time consuming and costly. And if a particular manufacturer is no longer producing the furniture you need, then you’ll need to wade into the pre-owned market – which only adds to your time and risk burden.

Fortunately, our office furniture sourcing solution is the efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that you get the furniture you need, while avoiding obstacles, challenges and risks.

Key Advantages

Our office furniture sourcing solution delivers a range of key customer-focused advantages, including:

  • Multiple Source Options 

We’ve built a vast nationwide network of reputable new and used furniture dealers. As such, we can quickly help you find the furniture you need whether it’s in the wholesale or pre-owned market. What’s more, our access to thousands of potential sources means that we can help you find the best price. 

  • 100,000 Square Foot Storage Facility

You may not be in a position to immediately add your new furniture into your environment. If so, then we can safely and securely store all of your items for as long as you wish – whether it’s a matter of days, months or even years – at our state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot storage facility.

  • Configuration & Setup

We’ll help you build a customized office plan to ensure that your new furniture integrates with your existing furniture, optimizes your available space, and supports your workflow needs.

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Because this was such a large project, taking place in three separate phases, it could have been a logistics nightmare. But because of your experience in installing large quantities of furniture at one time and because you took the necessary time to make sure all of the details were covered ahead of time, this project proceeded without incident.
Laura Warner
TAB Products Co.

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