Value-Added Office Furniture Services

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Precision Office Furniture Installation supports Facility Managers and Property Managers that require a fully integrated, value added service program to take care of a total facility and commercial property. Not only do we have the experience and professionalism you require for all of your installation, reconfiguration and moving needs, but we provide the specialty services that make corporate life and property management easier for you.


Specialty Services Include

  • Asset Inventory Management – Our computerized tracking systems can keep track of inventory that is in transit. Our highly trained staff understands your need for inventory management and uses state of the art technology to provide excellent inventory control.
  • Annual Chair Cleaning and Maintenance – Precision provides ongoing maintenance service for your furniture and equipment including annual chair cleaning.
  • Panel Cleaning – When an installation or reconfiguration takes place, we know that you want everything clean and ready to go, including the panels. We can even clean the panels in your current space.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning – When you are relocating or reconfiguring office space because of a disaster we can help you get back on your feet and will work quietly and efficiently so that you can continue to do business. We are also available to assist in your BCP & DR planning.
  • Developing Reuse Strategies For Reconfigurations – Precision has worked with many companies to reconfigure their furniture. Our team can develop effective strategies for your reconfiguration needs and design effective ways to reuse what you have.
  • Data/IT wiring and Low Voltage Wiring – Our installation team is highly trained and will handle any Data/IT wiring needed in the new location as well as proper termination of wiring at the old location.

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On a project like ours there is always the expectation of delays and challenges, but because of Precision’s expertise they were kept to a minimum. The pre-installation assistance that you provided was also a key factor in making this project run very smooth.
Bonnie L. Deinge
Marcone Regional Parts Center

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