When Moving, Should You Take Your Current Office Furniture? - Download it now!

When Moving, Should You Take Your Current Office Furniture?


End the Guesswork & Risk with a Simple, yet Powerful Flowchart!

Moving a business to its new location is a big project. And unfortunately for many business owners, it’s also a stressful, confusing and costly ordeal. But it’s not their fault!

It’s because they didn’t have a tool to help them discover if their current office furniture was “move ready” based on a number of key factors, including whether each item was: 

  • Functional & Safe  
  • Comfortable & Ergonomically Sound
  • Stylish & Complimentary 
  • Suitably-Sized for the New Location  

Fortunately, you can get the answers you need by instantly downloading our FREE Infographic that answers the big question: “When Moving, Should You Take Your Current Office Furniture?

This Infographic provide you with a simple, but powerful flowchart that is based on over three decades of office relocation experience – so you can be sure that it’s valuable and worthwhile! 

As you make your way through the flowchart, you’ll easily determine which items of your current office furniture should make the move -- and which items should be: decommissioned, refurbished, repurposed, sold or donated. 

Instantly download your Infographic by filling out the brief form on this page. In a matter of minutes, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and risk, and replace it with a clear understanding of office furniture to move -- and what to leave behind! 

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