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3 Tips to Make Your Office Relocation a “Good News” Story

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 27, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Jeff Kiel

office relocationAs highlighted by an article in Wall Street Journal, office relocations aren’t just about moving furniture, supplies, plants, and yes, that prehistoric coffee maker that seems to be something of a corporate mascot. It’s also an anxious time for many employees; not because they’re necessarily opposed to the move, but because changing locations can be stressful. As the aforementioned article’s author Elizabeth Bernstein wisely noted: “moving offices can be as disorienting as moving homes”.

And so with this in mind, here are 3 tips to help make your office relocation a “good news” story for your people and your organization – and not of a cautionary tale:

  1. Keep Employees Informed 

Keep your employees informed so they know what’s coming on the horizon. Let them know why you’re relocating, and highlight how the change will ultimately benefit employees and the organization as a whole. No, this may not make some employees stand up and cheer – especially if it means that they’ll be spending more time commuting, or they won’t be able to visit their favorite Starbucks. But it will help them understand what’s happening and why, which can go along way towards keeping their anxiety and stress levels in check.

  1. Boost Your Brand

Upgrade your furniture and refresh – or if necessary, re-invent – your look and so that the office relocation isn’t just a logistical process, but that it’s also exciting and energizing brand-boosting event! It doesn’t matter of your new location is smaller or, frankly, cheaper. Some wise investments in everything from office furniture to signage can send the message that your business is moving forward, and the new office location is an expression of your progressive journey.

Plus, you can use this refresh/re-invent approach to get your employees involved, and have them share input. You might even have a survey, poll or contest so they can help pick colors, materials, and other design elements.

  1. Implement Smarter Layouts

As you may have experienced in places like malls and airports, layout has a direct impact on efficiency. In the same way, your office relocation is an ideal time to make layout improvements that support your workflows. For example, in your current space you may have sales and marketing teams located on different sides of the building – not by design, but simply because that’s how things developed. In your new space, however, you may wish to co-locate them in an open space, so that they can share information, brainstorm strategies, and get more done in less time. 

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To learn more about making your office relocation a good news story, contact the experts at Precision today. We’ll work with you to make your experience and outcome a win for your employees, and for your organization as a whole!

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