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How a Professional Furniture Installer Keeps Your Office Move on Time

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 25, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Jeff Kiel

professional furniture installerWhile fee is obviously a factor when choosing the right business moving partner, there is another variable that, if not properly handled, can dramatically increase your overall cost when everything is said and done: time. 

This is because a business move taking hours -- or possibly days -- longer than it should is not just a matter of inconvenience. It’s also a matter of cost, since you’ll end up paying much more than you budgeted, plus you may be unable to “open for business” as scheduled. Indeed, neither employees nor customers want to step over/around components of furniture strewn about the workplace, or spend the day listening to power tools. 

Fortunately, you can eliminate the risk and cost of schedule overruns by hiring a professional furniture installer. Here are the 3 key reasons why:

  1. Un-installation Expertise

Many businesses overlook the fact that before their furniture can be moved and re-installed in a new location, it first must be un-installed – which is a process that can take considerable time, especially if the furniture is older and/or more delicate. A professional furniture installer ensures that all un-installation activity is carefully planned, precisely scheduled, and handled without issue or incident. 

  1. Efficient, Safe Transportation

A professional furniture installer knows how to safely pack and secure items, so they can be efficiently transported to your new location in an orderly and organized manner, and then unpacked just as competently. What’s more, unlike amateurs, a professional furniture installer will NOT overload trucks, or pack items in a way that will lead to damage, scratches or chips.

  1. Re-Installation Expertise 

As you’d expect, a professional furniture installer will ensure that your furniture is properly and safely installed in its new home. What’s more, your partner will gladly work with you to plan your space to maximize utilization and workflows.

  1. Efficient Closeout

When a furniture installation project winds to a close, amateurs often try and linger around as long as they can to rack up more hourly fees, or reach a fee trigger (e.g. working past 6pm, etc.).

As you’d expect, a professional furniture installer takes a different approach! There is NO incentive whatsoever to waste your time and money, and as such you don’t have to worry about a project taking longer or costing more than it should. 

What’s more, you will also be provided with a Punch List, which is a list of close-out related tasks (e.g. “broom clean the area”). The project will not officially end until you sign-off the Punch List, which gives you added control and peace of mind. 

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