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How Professional Furniture Installers Help Furniture Dealers Avoid Risk

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 17, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Jeff Kiel

professional furniture installers While managing risk is important for all businesses, furniture dealers face an ongoing challenge that businesses in other industries and sectors don’t: their customers can improperly install furniture in their office environments, or have it improperly installed by amateurs. 

When (not if) this happens, even though furniture dealers aren’t legally responsible for fixing the damage or covering replacements, the end result is a frustrated, unhappy customer who is not in the least bit motivated to make a repeat purchase, or refer other businesses. Again, this isn’t the fault of the furniture dealer; they did their part by selling quality furniture. But some customers have a funny way of interpreting, at least on an emotional level, who’s to blame when things go wrong. Some of them tend to lump everyone – sellers, installers, and anyone else involved in the process -- into the same bucket, and label the whole experience as regrettable and negative.

In this light, while improperly installing office furniture clearly isn’t a problem that furniture dealers create, it is definitely one that they need to proactively address and help their customers avoid. In other words: they need to help their customers help themselves! And that’s where professional furniture installers make ALL the difference by virtually eliminating risk. Below, we highlight the 3 key reasons why: 

  1. Proven Expertise

Professional furniture installers don’t “dabble” in furniture installation when they aren’t putting together other components, or tackling other jobs and projects. Furniture installation is ALL that they do, and that’s because (as furniture dealers know) there are a huge variety of manufactures, makes and models, and each one has its own design systems and nuances.

As a result of this expertise, furniture dealers have zero concern that the items they sell will be improperly installed -- and lead to unhappy or even irate customers. Instead, they know even before the purchase is completed that it’s going to be a successful experience for everyone involved. 

  1. Speed and Efficiency

Even if customers manage to correctly and safely install office furniture in their location or locations, it’s a foregone conclusion that it will take MUCH longer than it would if professionals were involved. For example, a workstation that would take a team of professional installers to install and secure might take 30 minutes – whereas for a team of amateurs or (even worse) well-meaning, but thoroughly unqualified employees, it could take half a day or even longer.

This is a cost (downtime, labor, customer disruption) that customers have to absorb, and without question it negatively impacts their experience and overall sense of value. Furniture dealers need to avoid being swept up in this perception, and again that’s why partnering with professional furniture installers makes the difference.

  1. “Stickier” Relationships

Some customers who struggle with installing their office furniture – which will be the vast majority of them that choose not to hire professionals on their own – will not call their original furniture dealer. Instead, they’ll call a competitor and ask for “advice” on how to resolve their situation. Invariably, the guidance they’ll get is to switch horses and leave their original furniture dealer behind.

However, if that original furniture dealer partnered with professional furniture installers, the above scenario wouldn’t even begin to play out – because customers wouldn’t struggle with installation (either directly or through hiring amateurs).

The Bottom Line

As the old saying goes: no risk, no reward. Naturally, furniture dealers, like all other businesses, accept this axiom. However, there are many different kinds of risk – and some of them are NOT balanced out by potential rewards. So it’s basically all risk, no reward. Professional office furniture installers help furniture dealers avoid this no-win situation, and virtually eliminate all installation-related risk. It’s really as simple as that. 

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