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Important Reminders as You Plan Your Office Furniture Installation

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 29, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by John Kiel

important-reminders-as-you-plan-your-office-furniture-installation.jpgCarefully planning office furniture installation is a critical piece of an overall business relocation strategy – one that many businesses overlook, because they are so preoccupied with other important matters such as logistics, minimizing downtime, deciding what furniture to decommission, and so on.

Unfortunately, the consequences of overlooking furniture installation planning are significant, and result in major costs and risks. To avoid these setbacks, and to ensure that your overall office relocation experience is smooth, streamlined and stress-free, below we highlight 3 important reminders as you plan your office furniture installation:

  1. Office furniture is highly complex and sophisticated.

The only thing that office furniture and residential furniture have in common is that they both have the word “furniture” in their labels. Other than that, they are categorically different – with the former being much more complex and sophisticated, and designed to withstand “industrial-grade” (typically for over a decade). 

The reason this is critical to keep in mind, is because ONLY qualified, trained and certified experts should be tasked with installing your office furniture. Otherwise, it is virtually a foregone conclusion that the process will take far longer than it should, and will not be done correctly or safely.

  1. Improperly installed office furniture is a major safety hazard.

Employees can and do get injured on a daily basis due to improperly installed office furniture. For example, cubicles can be knocked over, workstations and ergonomic chairs can collapse, and the list goes on.

What’s more, these injuries may not occur immediately after the furniture was improperly installed. They can occur weeks, months or even years later, and only after an investigation (by worker’s compensation, lawyers, etc.) is the root cause revealed.

  1. Improperly installed office furniture can be damaged/cause damage.

Improperly installed office furniture can be damaged, or it can cause damage to walls, carpets, fixtures, etc. Repair costs typically start in the hundreds and can easily run into the thousands, which vastly offsets any savings from taking the DIY route, or from hiring amateurs (or companies that “dabble” in office furniture installation rather than specialize in it).

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