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A Look at Some Key Terms in an Office Relocation Contract

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by John Kiel

key_terms_office_relocation_contract.jpgRegardless of whether you’re moving your business across the street, city, state or country, the fact remains that you want your office relocation experience to be as streamlined, efficient and stress-free as possible.  

And while there are several factors and elements that are part of this fundamental goal – the most important of which is choosing the right office relocation company – it’s also a good idea to brush up on your “contract lingo”, so that you can avoid any misunderstandings or unwelcome surprises before, during or after your move.

Here are some key terms that you should be familiar with before you sign on the dotted line (or perhaps click your digital e-signature!).

Key Terms

Additional Charges: These billable services that may be incurred as part of your office relocation (e.g. moving especially heavy items, wrapping fragile items, etc.). These are sometimes called “Accessorial Charges” in some contracts.

Advanced Charges: These are costs that you’ll incur if, with your approval, your office relocation company covers certain costs on your behalf ahead of the move (e.g. disconnecting your gas supply, etc.).

Arbitration: Ideally for both you and your office relocation company, everything will unfold as planned. However, if there are any issues that cannot be resolved in a mutually satisfactory manner, this section of the contract will direct both parties on how to involve the services of an impartial arbitrator. Typically, the arbitrator’s recommending is binding (and if so, this will be noted in the contract).

Full Value Replacement: A professional and legitimate office relocation company will be fully insured against any damage or loss. This clause ensures that you will receive the full value replacement if an affected item cannot be suitably repaired or replaced.   

Load Only: If this term appears in your contract, it means that your office relocation company is only responsible for loading containers/trucks.  

Service Terms: This is a catch-all category that includes the various services that your office relocation company commits to providing. It’s important for you to be clear and comfortable with the service terms, or else you will likely get billed for additional charges (as described above).

Personnel: This refers to all of the staff, plus any third-party providers (consultants, technicians, specialists, etc.) that your office relocation company will involve in your move.

Unload Only: If this term appears in your contract, it means that your office relocation company is only responsible for unloading containers/trucks.  

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At Precision, we ensure that our customers under the ins and outs of their contract. The only surprise we want them to experience is how straightforward and stress-free we make their office relocation! To learn more, contact us today and take advantage of your free, no obligation consultation.

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