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Questions to Ask Prospective Office Moving Companies

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 4, 2015 11:30:00 AM / by John Kiel

questions-to-ask-prospective-office-moving-companiesIf you’re like the countless people who’ve had a negative experience during a residential move -- or you have a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour with a horror story to tell -- then you know that the risks are steep and the consequences can be severe; even devastating.

Well, when you shift things into the context of an office move, the risks don’t merely rise: they skyrocket. After all, it’s not just your valuable furniture, equipment and other assets that are at stake. Your business’s reputation is on the line, as are relationships and revenues. 

Add it all up, and it means that choosing the right office moving company is critically important. In fact, depending on the size of your business and where you’re headed next, it could be the most consequential business decision you make all year. 

To help you head in the right direction – and avoid the pitfalls and penalties of finding yourself at the mercy of unprofessional, untrained or unethical movers -- here are the key questions to ask prospective moving companies:

1. What exactly does your service include?

As you can imagine, an office move is not a single event or task. It’s the combination of thousands of tasks; many of which must be started or completed well in advance of moving day. It’s essential that you get a clear and complete understanding of what prospective office moving companies are offering. You want them to provide you with support from beginning to end, every step of the way. 

2. Do you specialize in office moving? 

About the only thing that an office move and a residential move have in common, is that they both have the word “move” in them. 

Indeed, an office move is a highly complex project that involves multiple phases and aspects. Ensure that any office moving company that you’re researching and evaluating specializes in office moving, and doesn’t just do it “on the side” when they aren’t taking care of residential moves. You need office moving experts, not amateurs. 

3. How much experience do you have?

The number of things that can go wrong during even what seems like the simplest, most straightforward office move can fill a book. Change that: it can fill a whole series of books! The last thing you want is for your office moving company to be scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders if something unexpected arises. Rather, you want them to immediately respond by implementing contingency plans and workarounds. As with many other things in life, when it comes to office moving, there is absolutely no substitute for proven experience!

4. Can you provide me with references and testimonials? 

While each business is different and has a unique set of circumstances, it’s both wise and necessary to ask for references and testimonials. What’s more, when you’re reading these (or watching them if they’re video testimonials), pay close attention to aspects such as customer service, professionalism, and fulfilling commitments. These are aspects that will make or break a successful office moving experience. 

The Bottom Line 

The questions that you ask a moving company BEFORE you hire one, are far more important and impactful than the ones you’ll ask AFTER. Keep the above in mind to ensure you make the right choice. And if you encounter any resistance, disinterest or evasiveness, then walk away ASAP and don’t look back.

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