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3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installer

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 5, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

3-reasons-you-need-to-hire-a-professional-office-furniture-installerThere are many smart ways that businesses can save money when relocating. But at the risk of irking our high school English teacher with a double negative: not hiring a professional office furniture installer is NOT one of them.

Below, we highlight the key reasons why – all of which, hopefully, you will never have to personally experience:

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installer: 

1. Your employees can get hurt. 

It goes without saying that when your employees help with your office move, there are many risks at play. You never want your employees to get hurt under any circumstances, but an even worse scenario is when they get injured on the job -- and it’s your fault!

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens every day in workplaces across the country, when employees try to uninstall office furniture and take it from point A to point B, where it needs to be reinstalled. There is an extremely high chance that somewhere along that process an injury will occur, because office furniture isn’t like residential furniture. There are many more components, it’s far heaver than it looks, and power tools, hand tools, or often both are needed to do the job right. All of these are accidents and injuries waiting to happen (and massive health insurance claims and lawsuits waiting to be filed).

2. It’s a much bigger job than it seems.

Most of us have experienced the despair of bringing up a media center, BBQ, or even a kid’s tricycle only to discover that “some assembly required” qualifies as the understatement of the year.

Well, as tedious and time consuming as that process was (to say nothing of the disconcerting fact that there are always a few extra screws in the bag that don’t seem to have a purpose), office furniture uninstallation and reinstallation is 100 times more complex.

Naturally, employees don’t have the training or knowledge to handle this task, and so what would take a professional team about 15 minutes to do, can take an employee several hours – and even then, the job won’t be done well or insured. This can lead to injury and as discussed next, it can cause damage.

3. It can lead to damage.

As promised – or rather, as warned – employees who attempt to uninstall and reinstall furniture almost always cause damage; if not to themselves, then to the furniture itself. This can include major, fundamental damage that renders an item unfit for use, as well as cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, nicks, etc.). Either way, it results in a reduction of that asset’s value – which easily offsets the cost savings of doing things DIY.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are smart ways to save money during your office move – and if you download our eBook or give us a call, we’ll be delighted to share some tips with you.

However, please take it from us since we’ve seen everything that can happen on the business moving landscape: you will NOT save money by going it alone. Any perceived cost saving that you anticipate will be totally wiped out if even one employee gets hurt, if one costly item of furniture is damaged, or if a move that is supposed to take 7 hours ends up taking 2 days.

The right way to move is to work with a professional office furniture installer, who will handle everything so that you can focus on what matters: enjoying the most efficient, cost-effective and stress-free move possible!

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