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3 Signs that You Need an Office Furniture Configuration

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 28, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by John Kiel

office furniture configurationFor many homeowners, the only motivation they need to configure their furniture is the desire for something new and different. However, businesses operate in a different framework, and while not every business decision has to be exclusively about the bottom-line, something as significant (though not necessarily costly) as an office furniture reconfiguration simply can’t be motivated by boredom or wanting “change for the sake of change”. There has to be a logical, rational financial justification.

With this being said, many businesses have long since past the point where they need an office reconfiguration – because the delay isn’t just negatively affecting aesthetics and appearance, but it’s adversely impacting the bottom-line.

Below, we highlight 3 signs that your business would benefit from an office furniture configuration now, rather than later:

1. Lack of Collaboration

As noted by Forbes, in today’s workplace collaboration is essential for productivity and performance – and ultimately, organizational results and success. However, this can’t happen if your current office furniture configuration is impeding or blocking collaboration, rather than enhancing and supporting it.

2. Lack of Efficiency

Many businesses (and yours may be among them) spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to boost efficiency, such as implementing new software, providing staff training, and so on. And while these can certainly be worthwhile investments, often a much easier – and far more affordable – way to get employees to “do more with less” is through an office furniture configuration. For example, high traffic areas can be opened up to allow people to move freely and quickly, workstations can be strategically co-located to exploit synergies (e.g. sales and marketing teams, finance and administrative teams), and so on.

3. Lack of Brand Power

A brand isn’t just an advertising slogan or a logo. It’s your business’s persona and identity in the marketplace, and for most customers, it’s also the first thing they learn and experience about your business. A faded, dated office furniture configuration that is “stuck” in the past sends the message that your business’s best days are behind it – and that message can diminish your brand power and reach, or in some cases, severely damage it. You may even find it difficult to recruit dynamic new employees who may be turned off by what they perceive as an organization that doesn’t pay enough attention to its image.

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At Precision, we help businesses implement the ideal office furniture reconfiguration, which often includes refreshing or re-inventing the layout, maximizing space utilization, and where necessary, refurbishing or replacing office furniture with items that are modern, functional and built to last for decades – which makes the spend a smart investment, rather than a sunk expense.

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