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5 Business Benefits of an Office Relocation

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 20, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

office relocationBusiness owners and other executives are constantly looking for ways to improve results, strengthen the organization, and ultimately put it on track for sustained success and growth. And while there are several strategies and tactics to support these objectives, one of the most effective – perhaps surprisingly to some – is an office relocation.

Below, we highlight the 5 business benefits of an office relocation that can lead to lasting, measurable bottom-line rewards and benefits:

1. Cost Savings

While there are obviously going to be fees involved in an office relocation, in the bigger picture it can be an investment rather than an expense because operating costs in a new location may be measurably lower (e.g. lease, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, property management, security, etc.).

2. Talent Management

An office relocation can support talent management objectives and goals. For example, moving to an area that has a larger labor pool could increase access to more qualified candidates.

3. Improved Productivity

An office relocation could be the ideal opportunity to make renovations or leasehold improvements that enhance productivity. For example, businesses can create open office concepts to co-locate teams vs. have them working apart and “in silos”.

4. Get Closer to Customers

An office relocation can also help a business get closer to customers, which can boost revenues and profits. What’s more, as noted by, it can also move businesses closer to strategic partners, suppliers and other organizations, which can lead to increased networking opportunities.

5. Enhanced Brand

Last but not least, an office relocation is the perfect opportunity for a business to elevate and enhance its brand. For example, it can launch a marketing campaign (press releases, social media pages/posts, microsites, etc.) to support the move and turn it into a “newsworthy” event for staff, customers and all other stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, vendors, etc.). Indeed, an office relocation helps a business say that its best days are ahead – not behind.

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