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5 Important Office Space Planning Questions to Ask

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 1, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

5-key-office-space-planning-questions-to-askWhile office space planning often involves sourcing the right furniture (either new or used), there is much more to the process. Specifically, there are 5 key questions that every business should ask, regardless of whether the goal is a relatively minor refresh, or a major re-imagination:

5 Office Space Planning Questions to Get You Started

1. What are our workflow needs?

While aesthetics certainly matter (and we’ll focus on that aspect in a moment), the most important space planning consideration relates to workflows. That is, the position of everything from desks to phone systems to lighting - and the list goes on - should enhance productivity, performance, collaboration and other core business objectives.  

2. What are our privacy needs?

It’s likely that your business has privacy needs that must be supported by your office design – not just for “best practice” purposes, but also because such needs may be mandated by prevailing regulations. As such, be sure to include these factors in your space planning process.   

3. What are our comfort requirements?

For many years, workplace comfort was widely viewed as a “nice-to-have” aspect that, while helpful, was not necessarily essential. However, several studies confirm that comfort in the workplace directly and indirectly influences productivity, performance, engagement, and other metrics that are vital to both employees and employers. Given this, it goes without saying that comfort must not be an optional consideration when it comes to office space planning, but a core consideration.

4. How can we express our brand?

An office – whether comprised of a few rooms or several floors – is not just a space where “work happens”. It’s the physical expression of a business’s brand. It is also beside the point of a business greets customers on a daily basis, or works entirely behind-the-scenes (i.e. never or rarely interfaces with customers).

With this being said, be assured that you do not have to emblazon your walls with your corporate colors or put up banners and logos! Rather, you simply and professionally want to build branding considerations into your office space planning process and decision-making.

5. What are our aesthetic preferences?

Last but not least, office space planning – and the eventual design and expression – is both an art and a science. As such, there are some subjective elements that cannot be calculated or deduced: they are simply what your business finds appealing. These can include color schemes, lighting, types of furniture (e.g. there are literally hundreds of types of cubicles) and so on. You can even engage your employees in making some of these decisions – such as having a poll to pick the color of the walls in the lunch room – which can really boost morale.

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Office space planning does not need to be – and frankly should never be – a daunting or time consuming process. Rather, it can be efficient, enjoyable and highly effective. It simply takes asking the right questions at the right time, and working with the proven professionals at Precision team to bring your vision to life: on time, on budget, and without stress!

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