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How to Easily Pack for an Office Relocation

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Tina Kiel

Office Packed UpAs you ramp up towards your office relocation, you’re likely focusing on schedules, logistics, communications, and other key parts of your overall plan.

However, as busy as things can get, a major factor that will determine whether your office relocation is smooth and successful – instead of stressful and inefficient – is how prepared your team is when moving day arrives.

To that end, here are 7 practical and proven office relocation packing tips to keep in mind:

Identify files and other paperwork that should either be shredded, or sent for secure off-site storage/digital archiving. After all, why invest money and time to move boxes and filing cabinets full of documents that you don’t need to keep on-site at your new location?

Take down any office decorations that should be boxed and saved (e.g. Christmas decorations if you’re moving around the holidays). If there’s anything you don’t need or want, donate it to a local nonprofit organization and they’ll find a worthy recipient.

Provide employees with a checklist that covers pre-moving day tasks, such as taking home personal items (e.g. plants, pictures, etc.), and securely packing office supplies and other items in clearly labeled boxes or bins. With this in mind, don’t have employees attempt to move heavy items such as furniture, or electronic/IT items such as computers, copiers, etc. This should be left to your professional moving team to keep your employees safe – and prevent you from paying for repair bills! 

Have IT staff remove cables from computers and power cords from copiers, etc. Ensure that these are organized and labeled, so that re-installation is efficient.

Also have IT staff secure computers and monitors. Ideally, these can be placed in their original boxes (with the original padding). If these are not available, then appropriate substitutes are fine. And of course, all data should be securely backed up well ahead of packing.

Carefully remove any framed artwork, and securely pack it in bubble wrap. You may also want to use telescoping boxes that are specifically designed for artwork.

And the most important tip of all:

Partner with the professional office relocation team at Precision! We’ll work with you well ahead of moving day, and provide you with checklists, tools and expert advice on how to make your office relocation experience an end-to-end success.

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