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How to Modify Your Cubicles for an Open Office Environment

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 8, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Jeff Kiel

how-to-modify-your-cubicles-for-an-open-office-environmentAcross the country, thousands of businesses each year – from small start-ups to mammoth enterprises like Google – are switching over to an open office environment, so they can enhance collaboration, interaction and knowledge sharing among their cross-functional teams and workgroups.

However, if you’re thinking of unleashing an open office environment and reaping the benefits, there’s an obstacle in your way – or rather, several obstacles, often measuring 8x8.

Of course, we’re talking about ever-present, and frankly oft-maligned, cubicles.

Creating an Open Office Environment WITH Cubicles

Now, your first instinct might be to simply eliminate cubicles from your workplace landscape; a move that, no doubt, would be cheered by many of your employees. Heck, some of them might even spontaneously start cheering, singing, or weeping with joy.

But before you wave goodbye to cubicles, it’s worth realizing that it could be – and often is – beneficial to modify them, so that they actually support an open office environment.

Use Office Cubicles to Create Private Meeting Spaces

For example, modified cubicles – especially if they’re of the higher wall variety -- can be used to create private workspaces or meeting spaces; which managers and employees will certainly need to use from time to time. You could save tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Create Extra Storage Space with Modified Cubicles

Or, modified cubicles can be used to create ad hoc storage spaces to house equipment or supplies. Obviously, these wouldn’t be set up in high traffic areas, or in a way that they look like an eyesore and ruin the aesthetics. However, creating a storage space in this way can be extremely convenient and very cost effective (read: free!).

Modifying Cubicles: Expert Help is Essential!

Regardless of how you may wish to modify your cubicles so that they’re part of your open office solution and not the problem, there is something extremely important to keep in mind: uninstalling and re-installing cubicles is typically NOT a straightforward or simple process, because cubicles aren’t modular in that way – they’re meant to be sturdy and safe where they are. Otherwise, they’re a major safety risk.

What’s more, various cubicle manufacturers use different designs methods, which means that there’s no universal method for uninstalling and re-installing them. Some can be handled with power tools, others only with hand tools, and most of them need a mix of both.

As such, it’s extremely important to hire a professional furniture installation company -- both to protect your cubicles (which are valuable assets) and to ensure that your employees are safe. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt, going on extended sick leave, and possibly filing a lawsuit.

Learn More

At Precision Office Furniture Installation, our experts have in-depth experience uninstalling and re-installing cubicles from dozens of manufacturers and brands. Plus, we’ll help you plan your open office layout, so that you and your delighted employees reap the rewards.

Contact us today to learn more. As always, your consultation is free, and there’s no risk or obligation.

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