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How to Prepare for the Unexpected Before Your Business Move

[fa icon="calendar"] May 2, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

business moveLet’s start with this: if you have a robust plan and the right partner, then you can expect your business move to be smooth and successful.

We want to mention that right off the top, because the title of this article may have you wondering – or worried – that a business move is fraught with risks, and is essentially a “hit or miss” proposition. Again, with the right plan and partner, you’ll be in good shape (which of course means that with the wrong plan and partner, you should brace for impact).

However, with this being said, unexpected events and issues can arise on moving day, such as:

  • A nasty weather system that none of the chipper, well-dressed meteorologists on TV saw coming.
  • A major traffic snarl on the way that backs up traffic and forces re-routing. 
  • Some last-minute furniture deployment changes that require some items to be warehoused.
  • A key employee who was supposed to help coordinate the move has fallen ill.

Again, these are just a few things that can emerge during a business move; there are others that can literally erupt out of the blue, and may have you wondering if the Business Moving Gods have it in for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for hoping for the best: you can plan for the unexpected, even when you don’t quite know what that might be. To make this happen, here’s what we suggest:

  • Identify the critical path that reveals which tasks, if delayed, will materially impact the overall schedule. This will help you make smart, focused resource-related decisions if any of those tasks cannot be completed in whole or in part.
  • Have a contingency budget that is about 15 percent of the overall cost of the business move. Obviously you’ll try and avoid dipping into this pool, but you want to know that it’s available in case it’s necessary.
  • If possible, build some slack into the moving schedule so that relatively minor delays won’t force you to disrupt staff/employees, or possibly shut down for the move to be completed. For example, if your goal is to be fully operational Monday morning at 8:00am, it may not be wise (depending on the complexity of your move) to schedule the move so that it winds down late Sunday. Earlier in the day or even Saturday would be better “just in case” you need the extra time. 
  • Have back-up staff on the bench in case your coordinator gets sick (or wins the lottery and decides to head to Bora Bora), and you need a point person to work with your moving company. 
  • Ensure that you choose a moving company that has their OWN warehouse, so that items can be stored either for a few hours/days (if the move takes longer than it should), or longer if you decide to head in that direction. We can’t emphasize enough that it must be the moving company’s OWN facility (which is why we keep CAPITALIZING the word). You want one-source and one-accountability here vs. dealing with a network of third-party vendors who may have different agendas and standards.

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