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How Your Office Staff Can Streamline Your Business Move

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 11, 2015 11:30:00 AM / by Barb Brooks

how-your-office-staff-can-streamline-your-business-moveWhile a business move is a significant event, it certainly doesn’t need to be stressful and full of unwanted surprises. And one of the key ways you can ensure an efficient experience is by getting your team involved.

Below, we highlight 4 things your office staff can do to streamline your business move: 

4 Ways to Make Moving Office Easier on Your Business

  1. Sort through all items in your workspace 

Ask your staff to set aside a few hours (or perhaps it may be better to earmark 2-3 hours on Friday afternoon or some other opportune time), so they can go through all of the items in their workspace and determine what should make the business move – and what should be left behind. Your staff may also feel more comfortable taking personal items home vs. packing them in boxes for the move. 

  1. Secure all confidential documents

Workspaces are full of documents that aren’t what anyone would classify as TOP SECRET, but are nevertheless confidential – such as receipts, invoices, purchase orders, and other items that may contain customer or client-identifying information. Prior to your business move, ensure that your staff secures or shreds all confidential documentation. 

  1. Clearly label all boxes

Unpacking after a business move can be a hassle and a headache when boxes end up at the wrong workstation. However, if you've hired movers or business relocation services, they have no choice but to make “best guesses” when several boxes all have labels like “office supplies” or “reference binders.” Avoid this scenario by having your office staff clearly label all boxes, so that they end up in the right place. 

  1. If possible, make arrangements for telecommuting

Even if you’ve scheduled your business move for the evening/overnight, or over a weekend, it may take a few hours into the first business day to get everything set up (e.g. network wiring, phone system, etc.). If possible, let some or all of your office staff telecommute for the day. You can then ask them to arrive at work an hour early the following day to set-up their new space.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned, a business move is a significant event and a major undertaking – and it’s far more technical and detailed than even the most complex residential move, which can be a walk in the park compared to a business move!

However, here are some final thoughts to ensure a successful, stress-free experience: 

  1. The first is to connect with a proven company that specializes in business moving.
  2. The second is to use the noted-above advice so that your staff can be part of the solution.
  3. And the third is to download our free ebook “How to Move Your Office in 5 Easy Steps”. It’s an invaluable resource to help you enjoy the stress-free, streamlined business move that you want!

Download free eBook "How to Move Your Office in 5 Easy Steps"

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