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What Should be Included in an Office Relocation Proposal?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 21, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

office relocation66% percent is a great number when looking at year-over-year growth, or the number of prospects in a sales pipeline that are converting into happy, loyal and profitable customers.

Unfortunately however, 66% is anything but a great number – in fact, it’s on the horrifying side -- when the discussion turns to the proportion of employees tasked with managing an office relocation who end up quitting or getting fired within six months of the move. And yet, as reported by the Facilities Management Journal, that’s exactly what research by the International Facility Management Association has discovered!

Obviously, there are a number of factors that drive this startling statistic, including some that are unique to each employee in charge of an office relocation, as well as details that are specific to each organization. However, it’s logical to assume that two factors drive more of this misery and turnover than all others put together:

  1. The office relocation is far more stressful and difficult than anticipated.

  1. The office relocation is far more costly than promised.

Indeed, either of these problems is enough to derail an office relocation and turn it into a nightmare. But employees who get hit with both at the same time can certainly be forgiven for looking for the exit sign!

However, with over 30 years of experience in the commercial moving industry, we can say with absolute certainty that an office relocation can and should be cost-effective, efficient, streamlined, stress-free, and successful from beginning to end.

As you might expect, ensuring that your move is successful -- and doesn’t lead to anyone getting fired or quitting -- depends primarily on your choice of office moving company. But how do you know which companies are safe to work with, and which ones are disasters waiting to happen? 

There are a few hallmarks that you can look for, including how long they’ve been in business, whether they specialize in office relocations, the expertise of their team, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

However, there’s another critical – yet often overlooked – consideration: what they provide you in terms of a proposal. Sometimes, you won’t even get a proposal. Other times, you’ll get what amounts to little more than a brochure.

But what you need is a legitimate, professional proposal that covers specific areas and items, including:

  • A detailed timeline, including schedules and milestones
  • A comprehensive cost breakdown mapped to different phases/stages of the move
  • A list of potential extra costs that may be incurred and why
  • A list of risks and what strategies/contingencies would be implemented to mitigate/avoid them
  • An overview of the complete office relocation team, including movers, project managers, furniture installers, etc.
  • A list of vehicles, equipment and tools that will be used for the office relocation
  • A guide to help employees prepare for the office relocation
  • Information regarding insurance coverage
  • Company history, including years in business and references/testimonials
  • If applicable, a list of third party vendors who will play a role in the office relocation

The Bottom Line

Simply put, a professional and comprehensive proposal helps you verify that your office relocation company is credible, competent and capable of ensuring that your experience is rewarding – not regrettable! 

To learn more or request a proposal, contact the Precision team today. Your consultation with us is free.

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