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7 Tips for a Smooth Business Move

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 22, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

business moveIf there’s one word that you want to describe your business move, it’s smooth – because, really, doesn’t that say it all? Indeed, a smooth business move is successful, streamlined, stress-free, and satisfying.
However, we’ve heard from countless people over the years that their business move was anything but smooth. On the contrary, it was chaotic, costly, confusing - and in some cases, catastrophic!
To help you avoid that fate, here are 7 tips for a smooth business move:
  1. Start planning several months – or if necessary, more than a year – ahead of your proposed moving day(s). Time flies, and many tasks such as installing new telecommunications cable, ordering office furniture, getting permits for leasehold improvements, and so on can’t be done in a matter of days or even weeks.
  2. Identify what office furniture and equipment will be joining you at your new location – and what will be decommissioned, recycled or donated (click here for a list of non-profit organizations in St. Louis that will pick-up used office furniture).
  1. Build a communication plan that covers everything from notifying vendors, couriers and suppliers, to updating websites, letterheads, business cards, and so on.
  1. Keep employees in the loop and provide them with resources to make the transition easier. Remember: while some employees will be excited about the business move, it’s likely that at least a few (if not many more) will be anxious. Change can be scary, and keeping employees informed can go a long way towards alleviating fear.
  1. Decide when it’s feasible and sensible for the relocation to take place. For example, you may need to spread the move out over a few days in order to avoid a total shutdown. Or you may need to postpone the move -- or speed it up – in order to avoid moving during what is typically a seasonal spike in customer activity.
  1. Establish a moving budget, and understand how different decisions can add or reduce your costs. For example, moving overnight or the weekend may be expedient, but chances are the cost will be higher. Similarly, moving in summer when many businesses are in relocation mode will probably be more expensive than moving at any other time of year.
  1. Partner with the business moving experts at Precision! We have over 30 years of experience, and will work with your leadership team on every detail – from developing your strategic plan and schedule, to guiding you on how to keep employees informed and enthusiastic about the move.

To learn more about ensuring that your business move is smooth – instead of stressful -- contact the Precision team today. Your consultation is free.

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