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The #1 Rule for Employees When Moving Heavy Items During a Business Move

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

office moveEvery workplace has at least one, but usually a handful of them: folks who don’t think twice about lending a hand in the literal sense, because they’re fit, healthy, strong, and probably have a few marathons -- or perhaps several Pilates classes -- under their belt.

And so naturally, when it’s time for your business move, these people are more than willing to haul heavy furniture, trek up and down flights of stairs with loaded boxes, and so on. Well, before you allow these well-intentioned team members to become voluntary business movers, we ask you to keep a simple, single rule in mind: DON’T.

That is, no matter how capable these employees are when it comes to lifting heavy items, or how eagerly they want to help with the business move in this way, we urge you NOT TO LET THEM.

The fact is that many employees are hurt each year during business moves – and a large number of them sustain their injuries from lifting heavy items. And these injuries qualify as compensable work injuries, even if they occur during an after-hours or weekend move. As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “lifting, placing, carrying, holding and lowering [materials] are the principal cause of compensable work injuries."

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if employees use safe and proper lifting techniques, or even if lifting items is a regular part of their job and done in compliance with the National Institute for Occupational Safety's best practices (these are referred to as the 6 aspects of the "lifting equation"). What matters is that employees are NOT part of your professional moving team, and they cannot volunteer – or be “voluntold” – to lift heavy items.

With this being said, your employees can and should play a role in your successful business move; just not by lifting heavy items and putting themselves at risk! Instead, they can take home (light) personal items so that there’s less to pack and relocate. They can also pack and clearly label their boxes/bins, and keep their area clear of wires and other objects on moving day.

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To learn more about how your employees can be part of your office relocation solution – and not put their health and your costs at risk – contact the Precision team today. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and know how to keep your people safe, and your organization on track for a smooth, successful business move!

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