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Top 4 Reasons for an Office Relocation

[fa icon="calendar"] May 26, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Tina Kiel

Office RelocationAt Precision, we’ve been helping businesses move for more than three decades. And over the years, we’ve learned that every office relocation experience – just like every client we serve – is unique, and must be approached as such to mitigate risks, exploit opportunities, and ensure success.

However, with this being said, the reason(s) why most businesses decide on an office relocation – whether it’s across the city, state or country – generally trace back to any, some or all of these 4 fundamental objectives:

  1. Better Space Optimization

Whether they need to accommodate a growing workforce, or they find that due to scaling down they have “too much office” (in the same way that some homeowners can find themselves with “too much house”), the top reason for an office relocation is to improve space utilization. Just like a Honda Element, businesses want to ensure that when it comes to their workspace “every piece has its purpose”.

  1. Improve Efficiency & Performance

Many businesses find that even if their current workspace is sufficient in terms of square footage, they’re “locked in” to a layout that is blocking efficiency and performance -- and renovation (assuming they’re allowed by the landlord or property manager) would be costly and disruptive. As such, finding a new space that is ideal/close to ideal is a much more pragmatic and cost effective.

  1. Get Closer to Key Employees

The war for talent is endless, and many of today’s top candidates are factoring in commute times and costs when it comes to choosing where they work. Unfortunately and through no fault of their own, businesses that find themselves difficult to reach either need to pay their employees a premium (or at the very least cover their commuting costs), or may find it simply impossible to onboard the people they need. An office relocation to a more commute-friendly location is a smart, strategic decision that can quickly lead to ROI. 

  1. Get Closer to Customers & Peers

In much the same way as businesses opt for a relocation to get closer to key employees, they often make a move to get closer to their key customers, as well as their peers. For example, many cities have certain areas or zones that are “hubs” for certain types of organizations, such as IT firms, creative agencies, engineering firms, and so on. Having a base of operations in the right hub can lead to a variety of benefits, such as more referrals and strategic partnership opportunities, better awareness of trends and issues, the ability to convey a more impressive image and brand, and so on.

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