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Where NOT to Store Extra Office Furniture After a Business Move

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

Business moveIn planning for a business move, it’s not uncommon to identify several pieces of office furniture that don’t have a place in the new space, but at the same time, aren’t designated to be sold, donated or recycled.

Obviously, businesses faced with this scenario need to find a storage solution for the extra office furniture. However, the choices that some businesses make in this regard -- often because they’re unaware that other options exist, or because they’re pressed for time as moving day approaches – can be unwise, to say the least.

With that in mind, below we highlight where NOT to store extra office furniture after a business move:

  1. In your new space

Aside from being an eyesore, storing extra office furniture in your new space is, quite simply, a waste of space. It’s also a waste of money, since you’re paying for this unusable square footage both directly (rent or lease) and indirectly (insurance and taxes).

  1. In a self-storage facility

Self-storage facilities seem to be everywhere these days. However, while these can be suitable for storing certain personal or household items, they’re categorically unfit for storing office furniture. They not only lack robust inventory systems (and many have pretty weak security as well), but they don’t have adequate environmental control systems to keep moisture, dirt and dust at bay. Indeed, many businesses are shocked to discover that their stored chairs, cubicles, and other items need to be cleaned and/or repaired before they can be deployed.

  1. At employees’ homes

Sometimes, employees want to be part of the solution, and therefore offer up their garage or basement to store certain items. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned gesture is a mistake waiting to happen. Not only can employees get injured moving furniture in the first place, but they can’t be expected to ensure that assets are safe from moisture, dirt, and so on.

Furthermore, many employees may be violating their home insurance policy by storing these items and not informing their carrier, who will likely raise their premium as a result.

The Bottom Line

While there are certainly ways to make a business move more cost-effective and convenient, none of the above options qualify when it comes to storing extra office furniture.

At Precision, we safely and securely store office furniture in our massive 100,000 square foot warehouse and storage facility. We can store items for hours (e.g. overnight during a business move), weeks, months, or even years. Plus, our inventory management system means allows our clients to view their asset list anytime, and request any item to be brought back into circulation. We’ll either have it ready and waiting for pick-up, or if desired, our professional moving team can take it anywhere in the country and make sure that it’s properly installed and setup.   

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.  For more information on how to move your office in five easy steps, download our FREE eBook

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