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5 Signs it’s Time for a Business Move Now – Not Later

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 15, 2016 2:00:00 PM / by Tina Kiel

5-signs-its-time-for-a-business-move-now-not-laterLike many businesses across the country, you may have put an office relocation on the back burner for several months – or possibly even several years. This isn’t because of lack of focus or lack of planning, but simply because other priorities have emerged.

However, you have may reached a point where a business move is no longer optional, because every day that goes by is limiting your growth, costing your money, and giving your competition an advantage.

Below, we share 5 signs to help you determine whether you’ve passed the line between “We should move soon” and “We need to move ASAP”:

How to Tell When It's Time for an Office Relocation

1. Chaotic Overcrowding

Over the years, your skeletal staff may have flourished into a dynamic, growing workforce. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the physical working space and supporting infrastructure (e.g. power outlets, parking spaces, restrooms, lunchroom, etc.) hasn’t grown with it – which means that, while people aren’t literally “working on top of each other”, it can certainly feel that way sometimes.

Simply put, if chaotic overcrowding has become the norm rather than the exception, then a business move needs to be a top priority. Otherwise, it’s a recipe for staff conflict, lack of productivity, errors, poor quality, and bad customer service.

2. Lack of Functional Spaces

Let’s say that chaotic overcrowding – or even basic overcrowding – isn’t a problem (at least, not yet). That doesn’t necessarily mean that your workforce has adequate functional spaces to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

For example, your current office may lack sufficient meeting rooms, and as such employees are forced to meet in lobbies, hallways, or even off-site. Or the customer waiting area may be under-sized and under-equipped. And then there’s the parking lot, which may not seem like a “big deal” because it’s outside, but tell that to your stressed-out employees who waste several minutes a day either circling for a spot, or who must park on side streets or other parking lots. For some employees who are unwell or who have an injury or physical impairment, this can be a major burden. And we all know how much “fun” it is (read: none at all!) to wander outside in St. Louis in the winter, when the daily high temperature is a balmy 10 degrees.

3. The Office Looks like a Warehouse 

If filing storage cabinets and office supplies are starting to commandeer hallways and rooms, then it’s clearly time to find a new home for them – and for your employees. It’s not only a major waste of space, but it’s an eyesore and can be a safety and fire hazard as well. 

4. Image Problems

Having a functional, modern and professional-looking office helps your recruit and retain talented employees, as well as make a favorable impression on customers. Or to put this a little more directly: if your office looks like it is in dire need of a refresh, then it’s working against your recruitment, retention and customer satisfaction goals.  

5. Location, Location, Location

And last but not least: your target market may have shifted over the years, and many of your customers – or those who you want to reach – are located in another part of the city. Or perhaps a majority of your workforce commutes from across town – which adds an hour to their workday, and is a source of stress and frustration (and maybe even turned off a few top candidates from joining your team). Or maybe endless road construction has made your location much harder to reach than in years past.

The point is that even if your current office is sufficient in terms of space and functionality, it may not be in the optimal location. That makes a business move a smart and, frankly, necessary decision.

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to pull up stakes to move across the street, city, state or country, then call the Precision team today. We’ll work with you to coordinate and plan every aspect of your business move – including building your customized relocation timeline and checklist. And as always, your consultation with us is free.

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