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How to Protect Privacy & Confidentiality During Your Office Relocation

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 9, 2016 1:30:00 PM / by Tina Kiel

how-to-protect-privacy-confidentiality-during-your-office-relocationIt goes without saying that appropriately safeguarding confidential information at all times is a top business objective – and may be THE most important priority, especially given the dire consequences of a data loss or breach.

Even if the eventual impact is minimal, the reputation damage alone can be catastrophic – and the fines and sanctions can be hefty.

The reason we bring this up, is because an office relocation has many “moving pieces” (no pun intended!), and this can result in private information being exposed – and ultimately stolen or lost. To say this would be a massive problem is an understatement.

Fortunately, there are practical ways you can reduce risk and ensure that your information is safe and secure. Below, we highlight what you should keep in mind and carry out:

4 Ways to Protect Your Privacy During an Office Relocation

1. Fire Up the Shredder

Shred all confidential documentation that is no longer needed. As an added benefit, you won’t have to move these redundant documents to your new location, which means fewer boxes and a faster move.

2. Properly Dispose of Electronic Data

Now is the ideal time to properly dispose of confidential, though no longer required, electronic data on your servers, computers, laptops and other devices. We stress “properly” here, because simply deleting information as an employee might trash an old email is not the way to go. It’s the equivalent of tossing confidential documents in the garbage, which is something you’d never even think of doing.

3. Choose a Secure Warehouse

If your office relocation will take place over a period of several hours or days – which is not uncommon – then ensure that your confidential documents and assets are securely stored at all times. Do not let employees take anything home, or use a residential storage facility that may be fine for storing old furniture, but is categorically unsuitable for securing confidential documents or electronic equipment.

4. Select a Proven Business Moving Partner

Most importantly: ensure that you select a proven business moving partner who will guide you on all of the above, and if you wish, securely pack all of your confidential files and computer equipment, and then unpack them in your new location per your instructions.  

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At Precision, our moving team is comprised of professionals who are trained, licensed, insured, bonded and highly experienced. Unlike many other office relocation companies, we don’t “dabble” in business moves when we aren’t taking care of residential moves. We ONLY serve businesses, because our customers cannot afford to work with amateurs who may be big on enthusiasm, but dangerously lacking in knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, we have our own secure, climate-controlled warehouse and can safely store your files, computers or other items (confidential and otherwise) for as long as you wish – hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. Discover why, when it comes to a safe and stress-free office relocation experience, businesses across St. Louis have partnered with Precision for decades.

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