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5 Tips for Successfully Moving a Medical Practice

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2016 2:30:00 PM / by Barb Brooks

moving a medical practiceWhile each office relocation is a complex and multi-phase project, moving a medical practice can be somewhat more challenging because there are more factors to consider. Especially challenges related to continuity of patient care and medical records.

Below, we highlight 5 tips that doctors and their teams need to keep in mind for successfully moving a medical practice:

  1. Inform your patients well before moving a medical practice.

At least a month before moving a medical practice, inform your patients by email, postal mail (a postcard would be ideal), on your website, and on all of your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook). Be sure to include a map to your new location and photos.

Also keep in mind that some states have specific regulations on how and when patients must be notified. Be sure to check with your state medical association to ensure that you’re following all the rules.

Plus, you can use this opportunity to highlight the benefits that your patients will enjoy once you transition into your new office. For example, there may be ample parking, close proximity to malls, a larger or more patient-friendly waiting room, and so on.

  1. Notify All Payers, Couriers and the Post Office.

It’s essential to let your payers know about moving a medical practice. Otherwise, those crucial checks in the mail will stop coming in or will be delayed. You may also have issues with electronic payments if your address is incorrect. And of course, be sure to let all couriers and the post office know about your moving plans as well.

  1. Stay on top of credentialing.

If you need to be credentialed with a new hospital, then it’s wise to start this process as early as possible. The process can take several months from beginning to end.

  1. Update your forms, brochures and other material.

You’ll also need to have your new address on all of your documentation. If you’re obligated to wait a few days for printed material to arrive, use stickers or stamps to display the new address.

  1. Choose an experienced medical office moving partner.

Last but not least, it’s extremely important that you choose an experienced medical office moving partner. This is a team that has in-depth experience un-installing and re-installing medical office furniture, properly packing and transporting all items, and making sure that everything is setup and ready-to-go in your “new home”.

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To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of moving a medical practice, contact the Precision team today. We’ll provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to ensure that your relocation is smooth, stress-free and successful. For more on moving your office, be sure to download our FREE Ultimate Checklist for Moving Your Office:

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