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3 Ways to Ensure Your Office Furniture Installation is a Dangerous Disaster

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 19, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Jeff Kiel

office furniture installationAs a business owner or executive, the last thing you want is the phrase “dangerous disaster” used to describe anything that could possibly happen to your organization.

However, despite your best intentions and efforts, that’s precisely the direction you’ll head if you make any of these 3 major mistakes when it comes to office furniture installation:

1. Assign it to your employees

Most workplaces have at least one handyman or handywoman “guru” who has demonstrated their prowess in the past – perhaps by fixing a colleague’s wobbly chair or workstation. However, as competent as these folks may be, they are NOT capable of installing office furniture.

It doesn’t matter how many desks they’ve installed in the past, or that they can apparently put together a cubicle blindfolded (how on earth they know they can do this is probably best left unexplored!). The fact is that office furniture is complex, sophisticated and has multiple elements and components. Only trained and experienced specialists can do the job safely and properly.

2. Have amateurs give it a whirl

Many office moving companies offer to uninstall and install office furniture – but they don’t have in-house experts. Instead, they have their movers take care of this critical task.

We can’t emphasize how big of a mistake this is, because it means that office furniture won’t be installed properly, and it’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong – and someone probably gets hurt (and then sued!).

The message here is clear: if your office moving company doesn’t have in-house experts, then assume that they have amateurs. And then choose a DIFFERENT company as quickly as possible so that you aren’t headed for (here it comes!) a dangerous disaster.

3. Don’t uninstall it in the first place

In order to save time and money, some businesses decide to try and move furniture on their own – or have amateurs take care of it – without uninstalling it in the first place. 

At first thought, this may seem like a practical, expedient move. But that thought should be replaced immediately by this one: STOP!

The “best” way to damage costly office furniture – not to mention potentially injure movers today, and employees in the near future – is to leave it intact during the move. Why? Because it’s NOT designed to be handled in that fashion, and the stress and strain can cause damage; if not to the structural integrity, then at least to the appearance. The end result is that instead of saving time and money, you’ll end up wasting time and paying more than you budgeted for.

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The best and, frankly, the only way to ensure that your office furniture installation is safe and reliable – and not a dangerous disaster – is to hire professionals, like the team here at Precision. Our team is certified, trained, and highly experienced. We’re the professionals that the professionals trust!

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