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How a Warm Office in the Winter Can Increase Employee Productivity

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 20, 2017 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

warm_office_increase_productivity.jpgBusinesses of all sizes, from small firms to large enterprises, are constantly in search of ways to increase employee productivity. And to that end, it is common for businesses to invest in technology, training, and various talent management initiatives to get their people to dig deeper, work smarter, and contribute a little (or in some cases a lot) more.

However, there is one very simple way that could measurably increase employee productivity literally within hours, yet is often overlooked because, well, it’s just TOO simple: raising the temperature during winter.

Indeed, as noted by, an icy office causes employees to work slower and make more errors. What’s more, a study published in Science magazine found that people who are cold tend to be less happy than others, because they draw a link between how they feel and how they view those around them. In other words: an employee who is shivering because they are working next to a poorly insulated (or uninsulated) wall, is more likely to feel that their colleagues are unfriendly and distant. It is a classic case of projection with a twist: a physical complaint becomes an emotional perception.

However, with this being said, there are still some employees who are just plain cold most of the time; even during the summer. While their colleagues are sweating and complaining about the heat, they are rubbing their hands together for warmth or putting on a jacket. Since turning up the thermostat would harm more employees than it would help, here are some practical ideas:

  • Give employees gloves they can wear while working and typing. These gloves have special material on the fingertips to allow employees to use touchscreens.
  • Consider letting employees do some of their work from home, where they can pump up the thermostat to tropical levels if they wish.
  • Use an open office layout, which typically allows more airflow and therefore makes HVAC systems more efficient. This is especially helpful if some “zones” of the office are frigid in the winter and boiling in the summer.
  • Explore the possibility of an office relocation. While this is a big step, if your current space is not supporting your employees -- or if your heating bills are becoming terrifying to open – then a business move may be the smartest and most cost-effective decision in the long-run.

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