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Why (and How) You Should Help Plan Your Professional Office Move

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 19, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by John Kiel

why-and-how-you-should-help-plan-your-professional-office-moveIt goes without saying that you have every intention of being involved in planning your professional office move. After all, it’s a major undertaking.

Being involved isn’t an option, nor should it be.

However, there are different levels of involvement – and that is what we want to focus on here. Because there are some office moving companies that are very visible, collaborative, friendly and available until you sign an agreement.

Then, like flicking a switch, a different kind of company takes over: one that doesn’t want you involved in planning your office move; at least, not at a level that you think is professional and appropriate.

The Inside Story about Planning Your Office Move

What’s happening here – and we know, because we’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, and if we don’t know about something then you can safely assume that it doesn’t exist – is that the company wants to maximize their profit by minimizing their time. And to do that, they really don’t want you involved in planning the office move in any meaningful way. Yes, they may invite you to review a plan or choose from limited options, but it’s not the same as truly being involved.

Is this professional or ethical? No and no. But does it happen? Yes – it happens all the time. What’s more, companies that act this way “spin” things so that it looks as though they’re saving you time and making your life easier. But really, as mentioned they’re doing it to get the move over with as quickly as possible, and maximize their profit.  

The Precision Approach

At Precision, we have a VERY different office moving approach and philosophy. Not only do we encourage our clients to be involved in planning their office move, but we REQUIRE it.

No, we don’t bog our clients down and run office move planning workshops. We fully respect and understand that our clients have businesses to run and objectives to achieve. Asking them to spend weeks planning an office move isn’t feasible – nor is it necessary.

Instead, we work with our clients to help them make the office move planning process efficient, yet comprehensive. For example, we provide our clients with useful, accessible tools (e.g. checklists, schedule templates, etc.), along with advice on best practices related to different aspects, from migrating IT infrastructure to what office furniture should be moved first, and what should be left until the end.

The Bottom Line 

If you partner with the Precision team, you can count on being involved in planning your office move -- and in a manner that is efficient, focused, professional and rewarding. We don’t disappear when contracts are signed. On the contrary, we step it up a notch and over-deliver. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than three decades, and we’d be honored if you put us to the test!

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