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3 Signs You’re Headed for a Business Move Disaster

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 2, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

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Life is full of little – and sometimes big – warning signs that give us a chance to avert disaster or, if we unwisely and regrettably choose to ignore the message, lunge head-first into disaster. Ever had a car warning light come on and ignore it? Then you know what I’m getting at.
Well in the same light, there are some clear signs that you’re headed for a business move disaster – one that will likely end up wasting thousands of dollars, weeks of time, and might even put you on the wrong end of a lawsuit (which according to most seasoned attorneys is either end).

Here are the 3 signs that business move is on the way to becoming a horror story:

1. Your business mover doesn’t specialize in business moves.

If your doctor pauses from his exam to sell you some delightful cubic zirconia jewelry or offers to give you a sub-prime mortgage, then once you’re suitably dressed: exit and don’t look back.

Well, the same common sense advice applies for any business moving company that doesn’t specialize in business moves. Make no mistake: the only thing that residential moving and business moving have in common is the word “moving”. They are categorically different disciplines. Business moves are much more complex and risky, and requires expertise in both technical skill and project management. This ONLY comes with specialization. Business movers who “dabble” in business moving are disasters waiting to happen – except they won’t foot the bill for their incompetence: you will.

2. They have no online profile.

Naturally, you don’t want to base your choice of business moving partner on their website alone – because some companies have very high-end websites, but low-end everything else.

However, this isn’t 1995 anymore. As such, every legitimate business moving company must have a COMPLETE website. And we emphasize COMPLETE because a sloppy one-page website that looks like it was knocked out during someone’s lunch hour is an unmistakable red flag. A legitimate website is one that offers you information on services and solutions, features testimonials, reviews and case studies, and clearly provides full contact information – and that means physical address and phone number, not just a web form.  

3. Their price is ridiculously low.

We all want a good deal, whether we’re buying a pair of shoes, a cruise vacation or, indeed, the services of a professional business moving company.

However, if you come across a price that is simply too good to be true, then guess what? IT IS! That lowball price is going to grow…and grow…and grow as hidden and surprise cost get tacked on (if you thought hotels and their “resort fees” were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!).

What’s more, if you figure you’ll take your chances and dispute the inflated bill once the business move is over: think again. There’s an even greater chance that your valuable furniture and other equipment will be locked away in trucks or warehouses, and will stay that way until you pay the bill (plus the extra costs of storage, which grow by the hour).

In fact, the problem is so bad that the Department of Justice has announced a crackdown. Here’s a portion of their bulletin about an indictment filed against rogue movers:

"The indictment alleges a scheme to defraud and extort…by offering potential customers extremely low moving estimates, taking possession of customers’ property, subsequently increasing the price of the transport of the customers’ goods, and thereafter withholding delivery of the goods until the customers paid the fraudulently inflated price."

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At Precision, we specialize in business moves, and have more than three decades of proven experience. Whether you’re planning on relocating in the near future or it’s something you may seriously consider down the road, we invite you to contact us today. We have a variety of useful resources to help ensure that your business move is rewarding – and not regrettable.

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