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Office Redesign Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Office Healthier by Changing the Furniture

[fa icon="calendar"] May 17, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Tina Kiel

Office_Redesign_Tips-_5_Ways_to_Make_Your_Office_Healthier_by_Changing_the_Furniture.jpgAs you plan for your office redesign, you’ll be making furniture-related decisions regarding traffic flow, functionality, materials, and the list goes on. And while all of these are important considerations, don’t lose sight of the fact that an office redesign is an ideal opportunity to make your office healthier – and as such, your employees more engaged, productive and available (i.e. not on sick leave!).

To point you in that direction, the Precision team is pleased to share 5 office redesign tips to make your office healthier by changing your furniture: 

  1. Swap in Sit-Stand Desks

Conventional desks encourage employees to remain sedentary for extended periods of time -- which is categorically unhealthy. Indeed, as the Huffington Post warns, these days “sitting is the new smoking”.

Fortunately, that’s where swapping in sit-stand desks can make a major positive difference. They allow employees to adjust their work posture throughout the day, and they encourage mobility as well.

  1. Get rid of toxic furniture.

Some items of office furniture are actually loaded with toxic chemicals that slowly seep into the environment, and trigger everything from burning eyes and endless colds, to in some cases extended leaves of absence.  

  1. Implement an “open office”.

An open office design removes (or minimizes) cubicles, walls and other barriers, and allows employees to work in a shared, structured yet informal environment. In some cases, an open office layout will also utilize workbench-type seating, which allows employees to sit wherever they want on a daily basis (much like a business center in a hotel). In addition to boosting collaboration and interaction, an open office is more dynamic, and promotes employee mobility and movement. 

  1. Add “homestyle” furniture.

Many progressive organizations are shifting away from formal classically-designed office furniture, and shifting towards more “homestyle” furniture – such as rocking chairs, bean bag chairs, kitchen tables in the lunchroom, couches in breakout spaces, and so on – in order to help employees feel more comfortable, relaxed and ultimately, productive and engaged. This is particularly important given that today’s full-time employees typically spend 50+ hours a week at work.

  1. Reinvent the lunchroom.

The lunchroom is not simply a space where employees have a coffee or a meal. It’s a special “zone” that employees access to unwind, chat with colleagues, and in many cases hold informal meetings. Choosing employee-friendly furniture for this special (if not in some cases sacred!) space will go along way towards boosting overall health and happiness. For example, the lunchroom should have ample sitting and counter space, various seating options, a suitable mix of appliances, vending machines and/or fridges with healthy eating options (e.g. vegetables, fruits, yogurt, nuts, grains, filtered/spring water, etc.).

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At Precision, we help businesses make office redesign decisions that make their workplaces more efficient, and their employees healthier. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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